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Bringing the Practice Of Yoga to The Comfort of Your Home
Live The Life You Love
Do you Find Yourself...

~ Stressed, Overwhelmed or anxious?
~ Are you struggling to feel balanced and clear headed?
~ Have you let yourself go and forgotten who you are or your purpose?
~ Are you on constant output and rarely take or make time for yourself?
~ Are you surviving and feeling far from thriving?
~ Do you have dreams, goals and desires in your heart and it seems like nothing ever works out for you or goes your way?
~ Have you been curious about yoga but feel inflexible, embarrassed or intimidated to try?
~ To you feel like a discipline like this would take too much time, time you don't have?
~ Is it too expensive?

Having A consistent yoga practice creates an amazing foundation and structure physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually and can inspire the freedom to "Live a Life you Love"

~ Yoga helps align the body and mind through breath and creates a feeling of calm, empowerment and peace
~ It also helps with restless sleep, anxiety, depression and overall sense of well being
~ Yoga can create strength and flexibility along with balance and other things
~ It can also create mental clarity and health on many levels
~ Being connected to a community can create and overall sense of being accepted and belonging which can also support a connected life

Don't Wait Let's Start Today!!!

  • Subscription: You will get 3 live classes a week, archived classes to access whenever you want, online community through Facebook and support- Today you get 50% off this deal!!!- $79 (that is less than $8 a class not to mention the archived classes!!!
  • Not sure you want to commit? No Problem: Cancel any time
  • In addition: You will receive  specials deals on workshops and other programs being offered
$79/ month
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Kelly Leveille has practiced yoga for 21 years and has taught yoga for over 12. She owned a yoga studio in Westchester County, NY building community and hosting a variety of classes and workshops until she decided to take a break to start a family. After her second set of twins and a lot of time home she is realizing how important self care is in a world wreaking of havoc and fear. Getting back on her mat has reconnected her to a deep joy in discipline, practice, strength and flexibility. She is thrilled to be able to offer this practice to other people who either have a hard time making space for a consistent practice, want to love yoga but make every excuse not to get there, and reasonable pricing in the comfort of your own home.
Kelly has also had a healing practice for many years and worked with private clients as well as hosted workshops utilizing different tools from energy healing work, emotional process and development, imago techniques (mirroring), past-life regression and channeling, Ho'oponopono and an advanced technique that is revolutionary in the co-creative process of living life. All of which will be available to this community and individually at large 
  What People Are Saying:
"...Practicing with Kelly is a joy!"
Kelly Leveille is an amazing yoga teacher! Her classes ticked all boxes for me. She definitely gives you a strenuous workout but she also takes you on a spiritual journey. Practicing with Kelly is a joy! I highly recommend her!!! 
Miriam, -Tarrytown, NY
"...I cannot imagine my life without yoga and I have Kelly to thank!!
Kelly introduced me to yoga 10 years ago. I will always credit Kelly for instilling in me my initial love of yoga. The classes I take with Kelly are physically challenging (although one can modify) and spiritually and emotionally uplifting. I cannot imagine my life without yoga and I have Kelly to thank!!
Ed - Tarrytown, NY
"...she is also a gifted healer."
Not only is Kelly a talented, patient, and gentle yoga teacher, she is also a gifted healer. I can never thank her enough for helping me through a tough time in life.  
As a yoga teacher, Kelly brings an eye for form and gives one-to-one feedback to ensure safety and efficacy.
Her spiritual nature enhances class and always makes me feel uplifted and refreshed.

Maeve- Pleasantville, NY
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