Now More Than Ever We Must Be Clear
There is nothing wrong with you!!! It is Simply time to let go of resistance!

Are You Into Personal Development and or Healing?

Now more than ever is a time to get clear about what we want, how we want to feel and begin to create that out of this very moment, which is the absolute best moment ever.
Have you bought self-help books? Tried any and every class? Had different experiences ad left feeling amazing only to go home and within a few hours or days the feeling is gone? Have you tried time and time again to change and yet nothing changes almost leaving you to feel like there must be something wrong with you?


I am here to tell you STOP! First and foremost there is nothing wrong with you. The problem is that what we focus on we create and if we keep focusing on the problem guess what? we create more of that and dig an even deeper and bigger hole.
What if I told you I had a revolutionary technique that actually recoded the whole system and aligned you with your dream, goals and desires in a way that there was no other option than to create just that! 
I am thrilled to bring this recode to everyone I know, it is time to create a life you love. I can help you.
These Recodes will be offered On Tuesday Evening Via Zoom and Facebook Live in our Private group, they are done in a group setting, and are quiet amazing. The monthly subscription is $59 a month for weekly recodes, or one time for $99 (this Option does not have group support or subscription.
What People Are Saying:
"...I am grateful I was open to allow Kelly to do her magic.
Not sure if anyone like myself suffers from constant headaches, stress of everyday living and anxiety. I am a mother, wife, teacher, friend, sister, daughter the list is endless and so is pressure of being the best of those things to my loved ones on a daily bases. The pressure sometimes weighs on me and it not only attacks me in a physical way but also in an emotional way. I find myself lacking energy, interest and drive that I once had.  
This past Sunday I had the worse migraine I felt like I was going to throw up it was so bad. In the middle of the night I took a migraine pill my neurologist prescribed me, nothing worked until Kelly came down and asked if she could help and do a recode. In my head like always I second guess but I was desperate and I am grateful I was open to allow Kelly to do her magic. All I had to do is lay there and as she placed her hand on my head and spoke I felt the instant pressure release from my ears like air coming from a balloon. She asked me to put words to this experience at the time but I was literally speechless I couldn’t believe one: how truly talented she is and how such a thing ‘recode’ can exist and work. 
I haven’t had a headache since and I hadn’t realized what she was acknowledge in me the resistance that had been building up. She named it without me having to talk and as she walked me through the process It dawned on me I am probably not the only one experiencing this everyday build up of stress as anxiety and now we don’t have to live with this weight on our shoulders... I highly recommend you give Kelly and the experience of the recode a chance you won’t be disappointed she changed my life with little effort on my part.

Stephanie- Ossining, NY
"...Kelly is a life saver and I am grateful that I look forward to my 
day ."
I wake up most mornings before the sun. Many mornings I wake up feeling off. Trying many modalities from emotional freedom technique to guided meditations . Then in January 2020 Kelly started a created a group called Magnetic Mornings. With Kelly’s support , her calming voice her daily message and meditations my mornings have been transformed from anxious filled to mornings that are now more peaceful. Kelly is a life saver and I am grateful that I look forward to my day .
Pam-Westchester, NY
"...she was there on many difficult days to support me emotionally using recoding as a way to let go..."
I first met Kelly when I was beginning to make a BIG transition in my career from working for someone to working completely for myself! My original thought was to work with her once the transition was complete and I was in my new business FT. However, Kelly assured me that she could not only help provide structure as I stepped into my new business BUT she could also help support me during the emotional and intense process of leaving a job I’d worked in for the past 6 1/2 year! Her kindness and compassion stirred something in me. At that point I felt really strongly that working with her one-on-one would be just the help I needed!

My decision to work with her was the best decision I’ve made so far! Not only has she been able to support me in very important foundational steps to make my business successful but she was there on many difficult days to support me emotionally using recoding as a way to let go of anything that wasn’t serving me and become a better version of who I want to be now.  

Kelly’s clarity, compassion and vision has profoundly shifted how I view myself as a woman and business woman in so many ways. I feel truly grateful to be working with her! 

Cassandra- Cortlandt, NY
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